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H.P. Lovecraft – “Notes o...

I recently came across a short piece of prose by H.P. Lovecraft in which he described the impetus to the writing of his weird fiction, and the methods he used to form his stories into the memorable works which have inspired so many of us. So for those of you who are as enamored of his work as I am – please read on. Notes on Writing Weir [...]

Something unnamable and eldritch in m...

Something unnamable and eldritch in my basement
I was recently listening to the most recent “News from Pnakotus” from the Yog-sothoth website when what should appear but the following hilarious Lovecraftian-themed skit.

Joshua Hoffine Cthulhu Horror Art ...

Joshua Hoffine Cthulhu Horror Art – “Pickman’s Masterpiece”
Anyone even slightly interested in horror who has spent a decent amount of time hanging about on the internet is highly likely to have come across Joshua Hoffine’s horror photography. His work is surreal and captivating, intriguing and awful. And it has now taken a turn for the awesome as he has created a series of photographs entitled [...]


Greetings, my readers! Welcome to this, my blog. Herein I shall write of many and various things as suit my fancy. You may be wondering what some of these so-called “things” shall be. So here’s a little precis: Perhaps the most notable thing about me is my education. I received a PhD in Ancient History way back in 2009. The [...]