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Pompeian Culture: An Augmented Realit...

Pompeian Culture: An Augmented Reality Module
The following is a module I have prepared for a Stage 6 Ancient History class on the ancient city of Pompeii. Class: Stage 6, Ancient History. Assumptions: This module assumes that students have access to computers in class and the basic competency to learn how to use the augmented reality programs online. The syllabus requires approximately [...]

Concerning Complexity

I had a conversation with a fellow worker of mine a few days ago about strategic planning. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite able to make myself fully understood at the time. So that prompted me to write the following little tract. 1. Beowulf. Consider Beowulf, the early English tale of a Danish adventurer and king. What’s the best way to [...]

Parenting with Cthulhu

Parenting with Cthulhu
I recently discovered something of great awesomeness. It is an example of excellent, involved parenting along with animated Cthulhu monsters made out of carrots, fighting Sith ships made out of lego. It is my opinion that parents should be involved in their kid’s play. It sounds obvious, but go to any gathering of parents and you’ [...]

H.P. Lovecraft – “Notes o...

I recently came across a short piece of prose by H.P. Lovecraft in which he described the impetus to the writing of his weird fiction, and the methods he used to form his stories into the memorable works which have inspired so many of us. So for those of you who are as enamored of his work as I am – please read on. Notes on Writing Weir [...]

Something unnamable and eldritch in m...

Something unnamable and eldritch in my basement
I was recently listening to the most recent “News from Pnakotus” from the Yog-sothoth website when what should appear but the following hilarious Lovecraftian-themed skit.

Zombie Apocalypse Early Detection Sit...

A zombie apocalypse in progress
As a citizen concerned with the well-being of my fellow humans, I pay careful heed to the necessity to be ever-vigilant against the rising of the hungry dead. If I may paraphrase a wise saying once uttered, “The price of not having your brains eaten is eternal vigilance.” As such, I was heartened to find a website devoted to provi [...]

Ancient Ghosts Part 3

A ghost rattling his chains in a ghostly fashion
And now, dear reader, I present for your reading pleasure Part 3 of our series, Ancient Ghosts! Please remember this dates from 2002, and represents my level of learning at that earlier time. Enjoy! (more…)

Ancient Ghosts Part 2

Family mourning the dead
Last week I put up the first part of a chapter from my MA thesis – and here’s the next bit! (more…)

Introductory Guide to Rational Discus...

Rational Discussion Flowchart
I love to talk. I love to debate. I love to air opinions, to play devil’s advocate, to test the limits of an idea through interrogation and dialogue. But sometimes it’s like pulling teeth. Most of the time this is because my interlocutor has failed to follow the basic rules of logical discussion. I’m not pointing fingers. Yo [...]

Buried Alive

Buried alive
I have recently been trying to have an article published, entitled “Misdiagnosing Death.” It’s about the fear of misdiagnosing death in ancient Rome, the evidence gathered from a number of anecdotes found in various ancient authors – mainly Valerius Maximus and Pliny’s Natural History – and corroborated by [...]